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Oct. 3rd, 2006

Sad Face

Angry Me

I am so motha fuckn mad right now cus Ijust figrued out that my two cousins are going to jail. They live in Rombulus, Michigan. See what had happened was that my cousins Meme and Gaga, (nicknames) were making this plan to get my cousin Meme's boyfriend some new shoes for his birthday. So they called the pizza place from Gaga's cell phone in Rombulus and choose a house and told the pizza place to deliever the paizza to that house. Oh yeh, one last detail it was dark outside. ANYWAY, When the pizza woman came my cousin Gaga hit the lady with the bat and knocked her out. They took the pizza and the money from the lady. I guess when she woke up she got back in her car and went to the police. They talked to Gaga and said that they knoew he was the one who commited the crime. Gaga told the officer that his parents had gone south for a few days and they didn't have any money or food. The police officer said that what they did was wrong and that they needed to turn thmeselves in. But they didn't. The cops had them on bail, which means that they were waiting to be sentenced. They were only allowed to go to school and back to that house. My cousin Meme who is only 18 got 2-15 years which means she HAS to do 2 and no more than 15 years. She got sentenced because she was supposily the person who planned it all which is called orchastrating. Man, she screwed up her life bad. Oh yeh, IF she does get out early the rest of the sentence is on parole. I feel so bad cus if I was up there she wouldn't have got up into any trouble. Gaga didn't get sentenced yet. He goes to court bon the 22nd of this month. My mom was sayin that he may get more time cus he actually took the money and hit the woman. Man I am so motha fuckn pissed today.

Oct. 2nd, 2006


I love Usher SOOOOOOOOO Much. He is so sexy and he can sing. I hate evryone who calls him gay. He isn't. I love his body so much. Man, if I met someone with his body, I would die. I love all his songs, and how he always had hit after hit. I think that Chilli just couldn't handle his sexiness. He makes me sweat cus he's so hot. Whoa man, I swear 2 got. I really do hope he comes out with a new CD soon cus I'm starting to feel Ne-Yo a little bit more.

Oct. 1st, 2006

Pretty Girl

Man, I am feelin so good. Lots of people love my picture with the white background. I think I look HOOOTTT. Sometimes I feel so ugly, but at sometimes I feel so, so, ugly. Im felin good right now cus I just got back from a family get 2 getha. My cousin had just got out of jail. He was up in there for about 20 years. He said he rerembers when me and my mom used to come visit him. I don't but my momma does. I'm NEVA going 2 jail. My cousin said that if felt good to take a bath again. Personally I love showers, but once in a while everybody needs a bath to calm muscles and make ya feel good. I love seeing people that I haven't seen in a long time. It makes you feel good to know that someone actually loves you, and really actually missed you. I'm feeling real good right now.
Happy Faces

Feeling Happy

I love making new frineds who have stuff in common with me. I just met a new friend. I am sooooo happy cus one friend is a start. All I gots 2 do is be honest 2 myself and my new frined and everythang will be GRRREEEAAATTT. I love meeting new people. It is so fun and you always learn stuff about others and the world everyday. So I guess I learned that all I gots 2 do is be myself and accept others as themsleves. Bye 4 Now

Sep. 30th, 2006

My Philosopy of Life

Life is like a book. Some are very long and some are short. Some are very interesting and some just suck. Some are exciting and describe people and their adventures. Some are the happiest, and some are tradgic. Many get to start with an awesome beggining, some aren't so lucky. Some end before they even begin. Devekio your book, make sure you achieve all of your dreams, Never give up, and follow only what you think is right. Let the book be yours and only yours. Share it, Get to read others. Don't judge a book by its cover. Have a long book, and keep it interesting, be safe you never know who will try to end it. Live your life from begginging to end.
Sad Face


Well, this is my first journal post. I had a journal, but there was definetly no way I could keep it private. I love myselft so much. But sometimes I can really hare myself. I always wonder what people think of me. I am surronded by all these beaustiful people but I feel like I don't belong. I often feel like I am the ugliest person on earth. I am always lieing. I don't know why but I do. I often backstab alot and it kills me to know that I am. I love my friends but I often seem to hate them deep inside. Personally sometimes I feel as if I am crazy. I really don't have that much friends. Often I blame this on myself. I often feel lonely in the world. I think I just need a really good friend. Then I think I will be the happiest person in the world. Well I think.
Inspirarional Quote: You only need one friend to be popular. If you think they are popular and you think the same for them, then you are both popular, RIGHT?

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