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Me,Me and Only Me

"My Life, And Only Mine"

19 April
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My name is Yaya. My life is aight I guess... I really love meeting new people because I like learning new things about people. My favoirte animal is a dog, My dream is to become a vet and have my own clinic. I am working on that now. I love where I live but I want to go farther. I just want to be me and show everyone else who I am. I live for getting to know new people, and learning all about them and helping them if they got a problem. I really want a few good friends on LJ because it really is the only way to know people from outside of where you live. I love myself, I may luv u at a point if we become close. My journal is really just what it is supposed to be, a passage from outside of this world, and into mine. I luv life, and I'm gonna live it to the fulliest.